Our Clients

Online Visibility Experts is the social media and web communications branch of KMGi, a leader in top quality multimedia innovation since the early days of the Internet. As social media and user-generated content have exploded into major forces driving brand exposure, KMGi has worked to combine the latest multimedia technologies with up-to-date optimized online marketing tactics. Online Visibility Experts now carry this important task forward, optimizing our clients’ positive online image and influence and protecting each and every company’s reputation by ensure the content produced is of highest quality possible.

Since its founding in 1997, KMGi has built an award-winning international reputation as a pioneer in cutting edge interactive production solutions. Online Visibility Experts now offers clients social media and online visibility solutions held to the same rigorous production standards. In addition, our team’s signature multi-cultural and multi-lingual approach – incorporating collaborative expertise from the USA, Canada, Latin America, Western Europe, Russia, and China – makes us uniquely suited to implementing worldwide and world-class online visibility campaigns.

Whatever the size of your company, whatever your product, Online Visibility Experts and KMGi can help you achieve incredible results at a lower price. Among the companies that have benefited from KMGi's web marketing solutions are: