What Do We Do?

Not so long ago, the typical online visibility strategy was confined to only search engine optimization and banner advertisements. The times have changed. Today, SEO is no longer an effective method on its own order to increase online visibility. Banner advertisements have become notoriously ineffective. Nowadays, consumers rely heavily on user-generated content when conducting product research.

To be successful in these modern times, an online visibility strategy must be based on deep understanding of current Internet trends and best practices. It should include many elements, such as optimized online identity elements, search engine optimization, social media marketing, online public relations, web applications, podcasts, video content, powerful online presentations, solutions for users of the iPad, iPhone and other popular handheld devices, and so much more. It must be adaptable, directed, creative and focused.

Our staff team understand the demands of this fast-shifting landscape and possess the necessary knowledge, skills and creativity to design and implement a customized, world-class online visibility strategy.

Our Services


  Digital Image Development . Your online visual image is based on the look of your website and all other online content and communications you present on the Internet. We will help through the implementation process. This is done through a consistent and professional cross-platform look and appearance that enhances both your image and brand.
  Social Media Marketing (SMM). The bad news: Most SMM campaigns fail. The good news: We know why and will help you avoid the most common SMM pitfalls and mistakes, whilst concentrating on proven strategies that create positive results. A number of companies have achieved remarkable success using social media platforms and we can help you do the same.
  Effective Multimedia Content. Under the trade name KMGi, we have been creating award-winning multimedia content since the early years of the Internet thus achieving the wide international acclaim. Our client list ranges from small businesses to some of the world’s largest corporations. Whether you need a compelling video for YouTube or another video-sharing portal, or a full-screen animated presentation, our team is ready for whatever the challenge you bring forth.
  Online Publicity. Under our trade name Publicity Guaranteed, we introduced a performance-based model to Public Relations. The program quickly achieved resounding success and popularity. Accolades poured in from both our clientele and the media because there was a thirst for a cost-effective, results-oriented approach to publicity. Since then, Publicity Guaranteed has generated extensive and effective media coverage for over four hundred clients of ours. The list includes The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post and many other renowned publications and corporations.
  Reputation Repair Services. It is becoming increasingly important—and challenging—to monitor your online reputation. We continuously track online violations of our clients’ rights. This includes trademark and copyright issues as well as business name violations and defamation. In partnership with qualified attorneys, we seek to alleviate and repair any damages whenever necessary. Our communication experts also address the growing problem of negative consumer feedback postings and customer complaints.
  Search Engine Optimization. Although SEO effectiveness has decreased over the last ten years, it is still an crucial part of an online visibility strategy. We will give your website high visibility and excellent search engine rankings. Above that, our experts will ensure that your website design is consistent with the most current and best SEO practices.
Monitoring, Reporting and Coordination. Our top priorities include providing value and maximized ROI for our clients. To achieve this end, our time is spent in the most efficient manner that benefits our customers. We offer detailed online reporting for each billable hour, documented with screenshots. Moreover, our clients have access to a detailed list of all of our team’s online postings, which includes the content posted, the URL, the screenshot and any commented text. Detailed project plans are available online for all sizable projects. Once approved by the client, they serve as a powerful project-reporting and coordinating tool that gives access to all related information, discussions and plans.
We make it our business to constantly track the best possible online practices and trends, and to research, understand and learn from both SMM success stories and blunders.  We fully understand that time is of the essence and is something that you. You probably are too busy running your business and that is where the OnlineVisibilityExperts.com team steps in.

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